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We postulate that consciousness is intrinsically connected to quantum spin since the latter is the origin of quantum effects in both Bohm and Hestenes quantum formulism and a fundamental quantum process associated with the structure of space-time. The spin-mediated consciousness theory is a theory that says quantum spin is the seat of consciousness and the linchpin between mind and the brain, that is, spin is the mind-pixel. According to this theory, consciousness is intrinsically connected to the spin process and emerges from the self-referential collapses of spin states and the unity of mind is achieved by entanglement of these mind As an alternative to our original dualistic approach, we present here our spin-mediated consciousness theory based on pan-protopsychism. We postulate that consciousness is intrinsically connected to quantum mechanical spin since said Phosphorus-31 nuclear-spin entanglements within Ca9(PO4)6 molecules (Posner molecules) have been proposed to be central for neural processing. However, this has yet to be proven experimentally. Relatedly, increasing calcium ion concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid has been proposed to enhance consciousness by accelerating Posner molecules' creation.

Spin mediated consciousness

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av C Björkman · 2002 · Citerat av 8 — to ask questions around CS as a discipline, how it is formed, mediated and mirrored in education and In Spinning a web from past to future. subjectivity is limited, or I can choose it, take it strategically and use it as a conscious subject. Thus  Consciousness and Memory. •.

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Spin-mediated consciousness theory: possible roles of neural membrane nuclear spin ensembles and paramagnetic oxygen We postulate that consciousness is connected to quantum mechanical spin since said spin is embedded in the microscopic structure of spacetime and may be more fundamental than spacetime itself. Thus, we theorize that consciousness is connected with the fabric of spacetime through spin.


Spin mediated consciousness

A review of doctoral theses since 2000 : Historical consciousness in the Relationships between structural and psychological empowerment, mediated by Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks, SPIN 2019: IEEE. av YH af Segerstad · Citerat av 6 — enhanced to suit the conditions of computer-mediated communication. KEY WORDS: spinning in spiders or sonar in bats. A complex set of likely to be especially conscious of the impression their message may make on the recipient. security-conscious Vietnamese, but mostly reflected fear that information leaks would be used North Vietnam did not respond to Sweden's secret mediation hard to assess; in any case they were not registered as a project spin-off because. av A Gedin · 2014 · Citerat av 1 — Spin-Off!

Spin mediated consciousness

The explanation of consciousness in accordance with our spin-mediated theory is schematically shown at the bottom of Fig. 1. The geometry inside the spinning circle represents conscious experience and is part of a Penrose tiling . It symbolizes that consciousness emerges from the non-computable collapses of entangled quantum states of the mind-pixels under the influence of space-time dynamics schematically shown as the spinning circle.
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Spin mediated consciousness

av A Gedin · 2014 · Citerat av 1 — Spin-Off! Sharing a Square.

men alla kallade henne spin doctor, alltså nära engelska self-conscious också kan ha samma tions of computer-mediated communication. (Institutionen för  sweet yearning for bygone days, “a languishing and self-conscious yearning transmitted and mediated tradition as well as technologically mediatised cultural artefacts. the elderly ladies who exhibited the arts of spinning linen and.
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We have As an alternative to our original dualistic approach, we present here our spin-mediated consciousness theory based on pan-protopsychism.


EEG can  12 Feb 2020 Keywords: Consciousness; Light; Cosmic dark; Human photon-photon interactions required to realize quantum logic can be mediated by (2019). Photodriven quantum teleportation of an electron spin state in a covalent. Millennials expect a steady diet of quick-hit, social-media-mediated bits and it finds original stories and puts a distinctive spin on them (a classic example:  8 May 2014 IIT then postulates that the physical substrate of consciousness must assume that these mechanisms are the ones mediating the strongest  30 Jul 2018 Five problems raised by phenomenal consciousness theory brains, as it were, and watch them in the act of spinning tales for us to believe in.

Citations Hu H and Wu M. Spin-mediated consciousness theory. arXiv 2002  From quantum chemistry to quantum biology: a path toward consciousness. Jack A. Tuszynski1, 2, 3, *( ). 1Department of Oncology, University of Alberta,  15 Apr 2016 consciousness and (2) that OR played a key role in life's evolution. now add the possibility that magnetic spin dipoles mediate Orch OR. Spin-Mediated Consciousness Theory: Possible Roles of.